Q: I sympathise on a humanitarian level but I’m concerned about where these people will live and work when they come to Europe, whether they might be economic migrants, and whether Europe is not overloaded already?

If you are conflicted by this Appeal and the politics of imigration, please take a moment to read the blog Put Yourself in My Shoes. This is a purely humanitarian Appeal.

Q: Is UKSFBR a registered charity?

No, not on the date of publication of this website, but we commit to operate in accordance with the Institute of Fundraising's Code of Fundraising Practice.

The process of applying to become a registered charitable trust can take up to 4 months, and can only commence once we have received over £5000 in donations, we will apply for charitable status as soon as donations reach that level. In the meantime we are in the process of having UKSFBR recognised by HMRC, once that is complete we can and will immediately register with the Fundraising Standards Board to obtain the FRSB “give with confidence” tick logo. This symbol shows that our fundraising is regulated.

Q: How much of my donation will go directly to the refugees, and how much will be used to support your organisation?

UK Support for Boat Refugees is a volunteer based organisation. Our objective is well defined and the team involved has volunteered its time at no charge to achieve that objective. 100% of your donation will go towards purchasing and delivering essential aid to the refugees.

Q: What equipment are you planning to deliver to the islands?

100% of your money will go towards purchasing and delivering essential items such as SHOES, WATERPROOF CAPES, THERMAL FLEECE TOPS, FLEECE HATS, MICRO FLEECE TOWELS/BLANKETS, BACKPACKS, SLEEPING BAGS and TENTS.

We will also supply basic First Aid materials for exposure related conditions, and funds may be used to support the local organisations by paying for accommodation for the old and the infirm, pregnant and new mothers and their families, disabled and other vulnerable refugees whilst they are on the islands.

All items will be distributed by the local volunteer organisations to those who need them.

Our target for this Winter Appeal is unlimited, as soon as we have sufficient funds for a van load of equipment we will deliver that load, and then continue with more deliveries as fast as the funds allow. If, between ourselves and our partners in Kos we are meeting the demand there, we will continue to raise funds for deliveries to Lesbos and the other smaller islands. Please give generously, every pound donated will go towards these essential items.

Q: How will the equipment be delivered to the islands?

The aid will be delivered to Greece by van to keep costs down and delivery times as short as possible. It is important to maximise each van load so as to minimise the delivery cost, we estimate the first van load will cost approximately £50,000.