UK Support for Boat Refugees

UKSFBR has been set up to raise funds in the UK, and to source and purchase bulk quantities of shoes, waterproof jackets, fleeces, backpacks, sleeping bags and tents, as required by refugees arriving on Kos this winter, and as requested by the voluntary humanitarian organisations currently working on the ground. We will deliver them to these partner organisations in Kos and, depending on the success of the appeal, Lesbos and other Greek islands, who will distribute them through their existing channels. We are particularly concerned with helping the refugees cope with their winter journey into Europe. This will be an ongoing project, running until the refugees stop coming.

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Facts and Figures

660,000 Refugees passed through the Greek islands in 2015,
85% of the total migration to the EU.
Source UNHCR Factsheet 12 November 2015.

The Volunteer Groups we are working with

These volunteer humanitarian organisations are well established and doing a great job on Kos, they have storage and distribution set ups but desperately need more supplies which are impossible to obtain in sufficient quantities locally. They will distribute the aid delivered to Greece by UKSFBR in accordance with need.

Get involved

  • Kos Solidarity

    Set up by dedicated locals from Kos Town to coordinate donations and offers of help from both Kos residents and visiting tourists, Kos Solidarity warehouses, sorts and distributes aid in all forms to the boat refugees.

  • Kos Refugees Need Your Help (KRNYH)

    Set up and run by two German sisters and their friends, KRNYH are the primary source of hot meals for refugees passing through Kos. They are mostly funded by donations from their family, friends and Facebook friends back home in Germany.

  • Boat Refugee Foundation

    Boat Refugee Foundation is a Dutch organisation working on Malta, Lesbos and Kos providing emergency aid and supplies to boat refugees.

Nowhere to live, nowhere to go . . .

It is hard to imagine how the lot of the Syrian people could get any worse, on top of the horrors of civil war and the destruction of their communities, stories are being reported of whole towns starving, is it not suprising that refugees are fleeing in ever increasing numbers. . . . . . At the same time entry (escape) conditions into even the most welcoming European countries, Germany and Sweden, are becoming more stringent and the hostile voices of anti immigration politicians throughout Europe are growing louder. From the safety and security of our UK homes it is hard to imagine the isolation these people must feel, they have nowhere to live and nowhere to go, their desperation is being exploited by people smugglers and now it is clear that profiteers are further endangering the lives of these …